The Vision

Since its inception, the Medical Center has grown and evolved beyond its original scope. A strategic physical master plan addressing its continual growth was necessary in order to ensure the healthy development of the area. The Medical Center Alliance (MCA) was created in order to oversee all expansion aspects of the center.

The MCA was formed in 1998, primarily to address traffic congestion through street improvements and signage enhancement and to promote the continued economic growth of the Medical Center. However, its role has expanded and it now oversees other initiatives pertaining to growth, functionality, pedestrian safety, and community involvement.

The MCA’s membership is made up of the largest landowners in the Medical Center: The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, San Antonio Medical Foundation, Methodist Healthcare, Methodist Healthcare Ministries, University Health System, UT Health San Antonio and the Audie L. Murphy Memorial VA Hospital.

From the beginning, the MCA has partnered with the City of San Antonio, leading to the completion and upgrade of major Medical Center intersections, placing new wayfinding signage throughout the area, and increasing pedestrian safety. The MCA is also committed to numerous initiatives to heighten awareness of the Medical Center as a valuable resource and an asset to this community and the South Texas area as a whole.


Bill Balthrope – Chairman of the Medical Center Alliance

Contact Information

Call: (210) 230-6799